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Unser aktuelles Projekt:… ist vorüber, zwei grossartige Aufführungen der Sea Symphony liegen hinter uns… Strasbourg, am 17.11.2018 und in Colmar am 18.11.2018


Email am 20.11.2018 vom Lloyd’s Choir London:

Lieber Herr Fütterer

Now we are back home, I write to thank you again for the wonderful opportunity for Lloyd’s Choir to sing A Sea Symphony with Collegium Vocale and Singakademie. We have several choir members who were disappointed they were unable to join us, and they will be even more so when we tell them what a fantastic time we had.

I know I speak for everyone in our group when I say how we very much enjoyed our visit to Strasburg. We were all quite overwhelmed by your generous hospitality and the warmth of welcome and friendship we received from everyone in the choir. We worked hard in rehearsal and during the two fantastic concerts. It was a great experience for us and one we will remember. Our grateful thanks also to everyone involved in the organisation of the two concerts – I know how much work is involved. Lloyd’s Choir received a nice write-up in the splendid concert programme, and you will be pleased to learn that the accompanying photograph is of us singing A Sea Symphony at our concert last March!

We will have to think about how we can cooperate again in the future, and perhaps to include your ambition to perform in the Royal Albert Hall. We look forward to it.

Freundliche Grüße aus London

Best regards Lewis

Lewis Phillips

Chairman Lloyd’s Choir